Little Hunters Beach

Upgrading Piranha CMS version 9 to 10

This site has been running on Piranha CMS 9 for 18 months and I've been meaning to upgrade to Piranha CMS 10, but I've put it off. For anyone in this situation, this tutorial outlines the process for upgrading Piranha CMS from version 9 to version 10.... Read more

Late Summer

Updating an SSL Certificate on Azure App Service

Recently, I rounded out my first full year of relaunching this site, which meant it was time to update the SSL certificate on my Azure App Service. This tutorial outlines the process for creating and updating an SSL certificate on an Azure App Service.... Read more

Hawks Nest

Part 7: Assigning Azure Storage Account Roles

In order for your Azure App Service to securely access your Azure Storage Account, you'll need to assign your App Service to the appropriate role within your Storage Account. Assigning Storage Account roles effectively allow you to manage access to your A... Read more

Rockport Harbor 2

Part 5: Configuring an Azure App Service Identity

In order for your Azure App Service to interact with other resources across your Azure subscription, you'll need to enable system Identity in your App Service. This system assigned identity will be managed by Azure and is necessary to enable your Azure re... Read more