Part 4: Creating an Azure App Service

The next step in the process involves creating an Azure app service to run your Piranha CMS instance. An Azure App service is essentially the Azure resource that will directly serve your Piranha CMS site files and will enable you to configure custom domai... Read more

Piranha CMS MVC Project Structure

Part 3: Configuring Piranha CMS for Azure

In order to run a Piranha CMS instance on Azure, some configuration of your new site is necessary. These configuration changes include setting connection strings for Azure SQL Server and Azure Blob Storage. In order to correctly update your Piranha CMS co... Read more

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Part 2: Installing Piranha CMS Locally

Piranha CMS is an open-source .NET 5 CMS designed by developers for developers. This means that Piranha can be setup locally by installing the official templates and using the standard dotnet new¬†command. To install Piranha CMS templates, run the followin... Read more

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Part 1: Getting Started with Piranha CMS

In order to follow this tutorial that outlines how to deploy Piranha CMS to Azure, you'll need to meet the following prerequisites. Each of these resources are free or free to try for a limited time. If you simply want to run Piranha locally, install the ... Read more